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Hevea "Vino" 2-Wineglass 2-Beer Table

Our "Vino" tables have a cutout which will securely hold most wine bottles, preventing spillage whilst still allowing lots of space on the table for your favourite snacks and platters. All our tables have luxury finishes, including a leather handle and trimmings, and charred-twine whipping on the legs which fold away for easy transport.


This model is made with a beautiful Hevea hardwood tabletop with food-safe treatment, and has four drinks holders (four wineglass and two beer). 

Hevea "Vino" 2-Wineglass 2-Beer Table

$150.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
  • Specifications

    Length: 60 cm

    Width: 40 cm

    Height (legs opened): 20 cm

    Weight: 2.0 kg

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