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Balcony Butler

Our Balcony Butler™ bar-tops are a simple way of making the most of your balcony area. Designed to be fitted to balconies with round or rectangular railings, we offer a variety of standard sizes, but can customize your balcony bar to any size up to 1.8m in length. 


The lift-up bar-top is supported by stainless steel brackets with a load rating of over 100kg, and are available in widths of 30cm or 40cm. You also have the option of adding 2-wineglass cutouts at each end. Lastly, we offer our table in six different hardwood varieties, allowing you to perfectly match your balcony look and feel.


Our balcony bars are treated for outdoors use and UV-resistance, and fold away for storage - they also feature handles in case you want to remove the table completely from the railing.

Balcony Butler

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