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Welcome to the Picnic Butler

Australia's benchmark for luxury hardwood picnic tables, and more.

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Picnic Tables

Our Picnic Tables are all individually hand-crafted in Australia, using responsibly-sourced local hardwood timber. With a high-quality finish, and robust design, these tables will be a centerpiece for your picnics throughout the year. Perfect for use at the beach, in the park, at music festivals, sunset cinema outings, sports events and much more.

Hardwood Varieties

Picnic Butler uses Hevea, Merbau, Teak, Karri, Tasmanian Oak and Spotted Gum hardwood boards to give a range of colours and grains to suit your personal preference. The timber is carefully chosen from repurposed wood, cut, routed, sanded and finished to give a long-lasting, weatherproof, quality table that will last you for years.

Compact Design

Our picnic tables are designed with fold-up legs that allow you to easily carry them to and from your picnic site - leather clips ensure that they stay in place will being transported. The legs lock into place when opened, ensuring a steady surface for your snacks and drinks, even on uneven ground and picnic blankets.

Design Varieties

We have table designs that accommodate six-, four- or two-drink holders, with combinations of wine-glass holders or beer holders, as well as a lockable cheeseboard insert option.

Special Touches

Our tables feature leather carry handles and fittings, whilst jute-twine wrapping on the legs adds some special touches that make each table unique and personal.

Attention To Detail

We only put our logo on tables that are checked to the highest level of quality, so that you can be assured of a long-lasting complement to your future picnics and outdoor activities.


Hardwood Varieties

You can choose from a number of beautiful Australian hardwood varieties - all our timber is carefully and responsibly sourced, and quality is always a priority for us. Options are:

With a lovely pale natural colour, we apply only a clear food-safe timber oil to highlight the light grain variations.



Tasmanian Oak

The variations in the Tasmanian Oak composite wood we use ensures that no table ever looks the same. The oak wood finishes to a beautiful golden hue.



This wood is one of our most popular hardwoods, and its wide variety in colour and grain makes it spectacular and unique.

Teak Logo

Spotted Gum

This is an extremely dense wood, with tight grain and a beautiful glow that really brings a picnic to life.

Spotted Gum Logo


Beech hardwood has a pale pinkish tinge and a gorgeous grain pattern that makes each table distinctly unique.



A beautiful dark chocolate wood, Merbau is a very hard wood and has a fantastic exotic look.


Customise Your Table

Our mini Picnic Tables have a number of customisations that allow you to personalise your table - you will find these options in our store:

Lockable Cheeseboard

The Patent-pending design of our table inserts allows you to lock and unlock a cheeseboard into the table - when you remove the insert to fit the ice-bucket it can be used as a serving or cutting board. For red-wine lovers simply lock the cheeseboard back in place, and you have more space for your snacks.


We offer a special engraving service; your message can be engraved on a beautiful brass or silver plate, and inlaid in the table surface - perfect for gifts or commemorating a special occasion.

Special Requests

If you have a special idea for personalising your table, we'd love to hear from you - our woodwork experts love a challenge!


General Information

Orders and Delivery

Our tables are generally bespoke and made to order, so delivery dates are typically the following:

Orders for Office Pickup: 4-5 days from date of order

Orders for Shipping: 4-5 days from date of order, plus 1-2 days shipping (depending on delivery location)


We were honoured to have been selected as a finalist in the 2020 Local Business Awards for the Northern Beaches!

Thanks for all the support and especially to everyone that voted for us!
General Info

About Us

Our love for the wonderful outdoor life Australia is blessed with, includes having picnics throughout the year as we enjoy visiting beaches, parks, music festivals and outdoor movies. With small kids and doggies around, sometimes things got knocked over, and we looked to modify a little table we had made to prevent this - and the Picnic Butler was born!


Our original table was made for personal use, but due to the interest generated and passersby asking where they could get one, we decided to make more, and launched The Picnic Butler in January 2018.

Since then hundreds of our tables have found homes all over the world, and continue to be a feature of picnics and special occasions year round. 

We'd love to hear from you with any photos, suggestions or feedback, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

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